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Aboriginal Art Merchants

  • Our customers can purchase the widest possible range of authentic products and services from all over Australia, backed up by a professional business committed to your satisfaction. Secure online transactions, confidential customer details, money back guarantees, authentic products, experiences, services and information, together mean that you are in the right place to enjoy discovering the worlds oldest surviving culture.
  • Aboriginal Art Online: Contemporary Aboriginal art is a vital part of the world's oldest continuous cultural tradition - as well as being one of the most brilliant and exciting areas of modern art. We offer quality paintings, limited edition prints, and didjeridus by Australian Aboriginal artists - together with information and comment to help understand these art works. From our online shop you can buy art works and selected books and CDs. Shop safely with your credit card, backed by our guarantee of on-line security.
  • Aboriginal Art Prints: The first prints by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists were not produced until the late 1960's, and it was not until the 1970's that a sustained interest in this 'new' technique developed. Originally the impetuous for experimentation was from non-indigenous art advisors, and later, publishers of limited edition prints.
  • Jinta Desert Art: Jinta Desert Art mainly stock and promote paintings done by the top twenty artist from the Central Desert today. These include Clifford Possum Japaltjarri, Emily, Pansy Napangardi, Billy Stockman Japaltjarri, Mick Namarari Japaltjarri and other leading Artists. The directors of the company have access to these Artists from the Central Desert, allowing them to collect only the best examples of their work. All the paintings are fully documented. The Dreamings behind each painting are also researched and put together in a book so that the owner of the painting can appreciate what each painting represent of the Aboriginal Culture. (A certificate of Authenticity and full Documentation is supplied with each painting).
  • Wandjina Art Project: Wandjina Art Project offers wandjina paintings by Australian Aboriginal artists from the Kimberley region of Western Australia - together with information about Kimberley Aboriginal art and culture. Leading artists include Paddy Neowarra, David Mowaljarlai and Dicky Tataya.


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